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All banking forms and questions should be emailed to Please remember we can only handle questions related to our procedures. Your bank and their online service is the source for all information regarding your account.


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Getting a Bank Account

Download Instructions for opening a bank account. This document will guide you through the steps in the process described here.  

We will open the bank account for your project.


Before we can open your account we need to receive ALL of the following items

  • Your project's notarized Registration Form
  • Your project's signatory information (that’s the person who you will have signing your project’s checks)
  • Your project's DBA (Doing Business As) form
  • Your project's initial deposit for your account.


After we have opened an account for your project

  • You can make additional deposits to your account.
  • Our banker will call to get your social security number, address and other information needed to fill out the signatory documents.
  • These documents will be sent to your signatory for signing. If there is a second signatory, you will need to forward the documents for signature.
  • After all your signatories have signed, you send the documents back to us. We take them to the bank.
  • You will be notified when the bank has received all of your documents.
  • You can order your account's checks as soon as you're notified that all documents have been received by the bank.

Online Banking

  • Every project must enroll in online banking. You will need to download your monthly statements for your records.
  • Sign up for online banking at your bank’s website.
  • If you need help, call the online help center or go to your local branch. We cannot answer any online banking questions.

You can do all of your banking online, or do some of it in person if you prefer.


Download Your Monthly Bank Statements

  • To avoid losing the data be sure to download your bank statements at least every 90 days. Using software will make this simple for you.
  • Keep a folder on your computer for the current year’s bank statements. This makes it easier for you to file your annual accounting to us.
  • Keep all of your financial files for at least 4 years before deleting them.

Use Accounting Software to Make It Easy for You

We strongly recommended that you use financial software such as Money, Quicken or QuickBooks.

  • Download your statements into the software.
  • Add memo notations clearly identifying source of any income or the nonprofit purpose of any expense. 
  • Accounting software makes this much easier for you. It will learn to recognize identical entries and provide then provide the details automatically.

If you don’t want to use financial software you can download your statements into an Excel or a Word Document. If you decide to download your statements into Word or Excel you will need to add an explanation to each entry. Using software is easier because it does much of this for you.


Adding or Changing Signatories on Your Account

To make signatory changes to your Seeds Project download Instructions to request or remove or add a signatory.


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