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This is a brief summary of several of our current projects. Our Seed Projects are created in response to current needs and these are constantly changing. If you watch this list over time you will see new projects form and old projects retire when their work is completed or a new focus is needed. Each of our Seed Projects is funded by donations from the public. We are grateful for any support you can offer,either to a specific project that interests you or to our organization as a whole. Every project will benefit in some way from your generosity.

Some of our projects are not yet listed here so if you are interested please check back for updates periodcally.


Seeds for Hope

Contact Person:  Betsy MacGregor                                                                                      Phone: (360) 321-5817

Justine, Age 8Brass Band Practice

Ssebuufu, Age 9

Seeds for Hope is a small non-profit whose mission is to help create a more just, sustainable and compassionate world. Seeds of Hope supports high-leverage, community-based strategies and grassroots projects that are working to address the root causes of human suffering and societal inequity, both locally and internationally.  They provide such projects with assistance in the form of financial support and, in certain cases, with donations of organizational capacity building, technical/administrative advice and training, fundraising education, resource development, and help with outreach, collaboration and networking. 


Transparency Project

Contact Person: Kisha Montgomery                                                 E-Mail:                                                   Phone: (510) 689-6622

Transparency Project works to support the intersection of healing and social change activism at the grassroots. Transparency Project works on two levels: building the capacity and supporting the work of healers who are committed to serving people who are often ignored or overlooked by society; and developing literature, social networks and healing spaces that support emotional, spiritual and physical wellness and sustainability among activists, healers and leaders.





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