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How To Use This Site

  • If you get information better by listening, or just want to hear a human being for a change, try our Audio Files listed in the right column on this page. They provide some of the information that is also covered in our Guidelines and elsewhere in our web site and documents. They don’t cover everything but may make your reading easier. You may also enjoy hearing Who we are and what we do.
  • Use the Accounting tab on this page to access all our accounting documents. We have donation forms, receipts and more to make it as simple as we can for you.
  • Use the Banking tab for information and documents related to setting up bank accounts or changing signatories on your account.
  • Use the Annual Reporting tab to find the forms and deadlines for your annual fee payment, annual project report and annual accounting.
  • Use the Update Your Project Info tab to change the contact information for your project or the content we show for your project on our website. You can send pictures too which we will include if bandwidth and layout allow.
  • Use the Documents tab to find any of our forms and documents.
  • Use the Project FAQs tab to find answers to your questions. This is not the same as the FAQs on the home page. It contains all of what is in that document but has much more information that is relevant for our Seed Projects. You’ll find that when you are using our Accounting tab or Banking tabs there are links that take you to the area in our Project FAQs that relate to those subjects.
  • The Home and the Current Projects tabs will take you outside of the administration area. That means you may need to log in again to return here.

See What Other Projects Are Doing

  • Use the Current Projects tab to read a brief description of some of our other Seed Projects. Remember it will take you outside our Administration area and you may need to Log In again to return here.
  • We have projects in many parts of the world. More are being added every year so keep visiting to see what’s new.

Important Reminders to Maintain
Nonprofit Status

  • You need our approval for non cash donations - cars, stocks, jewelry, etc. - valued in excess of $5,000. Email Include the description of the items, estimated fair market value and how you determined that value (an appraisal, current stock value, etc.), and whether your project intends to sell the items or use them for the project. Wait to receive approval before you take the donation.
  • Do you have liability insurance for your project? Go to Liability–Protect yourself in our Project FAQs.
  • Does your project have its DBA (Doing Business As)? To see why you probably should and how to get one go to Filing a DBA in our Project FAQs.
  • Maintain good accounting records. Give receipts for all donations, always fill out a Reimbursement Form if the project is reimbursing anyone for a project expense, and be sure to record the nonprofit purpose of each expense in your checkbook journal or as a memo in your accounting software. See the Accounting Guidelines for examples and more instructions if you are not familiar with accounting.
  • Never engage as a project in any political activities or use project funds for anything other than your projects work. See the IRS Guidelines for more about these important rules. It is easy and it is VERY important!

Always Be Reachable By Email

  • You must keep us informed of any changes in your contact information. If you have a group list that you use for emailing address changes please add to that list. Or just remember to come to this site and use the Update tab.
  • Occasionally we may need to get a reply from your project within a certain deadline. If your primary contact will be difficult to reach by email for more than two weeks you must give us a temporary contact. Use the update tab or email us at Be sure to tell us the dates for this temporary change.

Project Alerts

  • Annual reporting is due Jan. 31, 2010
  • Annual Accounting checklist
  • Submit your Project Summary and pictures for our website
  • Have you paid for any services this year?
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Audio Information Topics

  • Who we are and what we do
  • Accounting Q&A with Kathleen
  • Why do you need to (update your information, be reachable, meet our deadlines)?” Let us explain why we ask for what we do.
  • Accounting tips
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Top 10 Forms & Files

                                                                                                                     501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation, EIN 77-037784                                                                                                                     501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation, EIN 77-037784