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The Seeds Project has many aspects, all of them focused on service to life in its myriad of forms and on celebrating the spirit that informs all life.

Our cororate address is 2110 S. Bascom, Su. 201, Campbell, CA 95008.


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Why We Created Our Seed Project Program

Our founder, Kathleen Luiten, has been a volunteer and consultant to dozens of small nonprofit corporations for over 20 years. Her experience with these groups revealed a pattern that often limited their success. This was a problem worth solving, and was the inspiration for our Seed Project program.


The Problem for Small Nonprofits

  • Enthusiasm and momentum is crucial to the success of these fledgling ventures.
  • Eager volunteers often find that creating and maintaining a nonprofit organization takes more time than the service work that originally inspired them.
  • Volunteers can get so bogged down with corporation fees and paperwork that they feel they are just administrators. Or it is so much work to get incorporated that they never really launch their projects into action.
  • Sometimes groups dissolve because incorporating is just too slow and too hard.


The Solution is Our Seed Project Program

We designed our Seed Project program to make it as easy as possible for people to respond to their own inspiration to engage in community service without getting drained by the administrative work that is necessary to maintain their nonprofit status.

  • We provide the nonprofit corporate structure. This saves people months of effort and substantial expense.
  • We are streamlined for efficiency. This minimizes the time and effort required by a project to maintain their nonprofit organization.
  • We provide a skilled corporate staff to insure that every Seed Project meets all of the requirements of the IRS and the ever changing restrictions instituted by Homeland Security.

The result is that people who are inspired to serve don’t need to be bureaucrats. They can put their time and resources into action immediately and easily.

How We Use Your Donations

The Seeds Project does everything possible to make the best use of every donation. At least 98% of each donation to goes directly to support humanitarian, ecological and spiritual services worldwide.

You can see the work that is being done by our Current Projects. We also use some donations to offer retreats, trainings and other supportive services for our volunteers, our staff, and you as part of our community. Sustaining the strong commitment and creative spirit of our volunteers and our donors is vital to our work and to the effectiveness of every project.

Create Your Seeds Project Legacy as Your Gift to Our World

We welcome large or small donations and encourage you to consider naming The Seeds Project as a beneficiary in your will. You’ll find more information about this easy way to gift under Donate.


You don’t need to be wealthy to leave a legacy that lives on in your memory

  • You can ask that a Seed Project be created in your memory. Tell us the kind of work you want to leave as your legacy.
  • You can specify that your donation go to one of our Current Projects.
  • You can tell us to distribute your generosity where it will do the most good.

Each Seed Project also raise funds directly for its activities. You can find information about individual projects by clicking the Current Projects tab.

Our Board of Directors

The Seed Project is run by a staff of volunteers. The corporation’s Board of Directors is composed of five members from varied backgrounds, including both for profit and nonprofit businesses.


  • Lucy Greene is currently our corporate President.  With a business and investment background, she has worked with volunteer projects and nonprofit organizations for forty years. She lives in San Jose, California.
  • Teri Fernandes is a long time board member and supporter of The Seeds Project. She is a CPA with 25 years of experience with public, private and non-profit entities. Teri provides expertise in financial and governmental regulations requirements. She is our corporate Treasurer.
  • Diane Guidici has a 25+ year background in education, including teaching, program development, implementation and evaluation, and school administration. She is registered as a Marriage and Family Therapist in California and has had a private practice since 1985. Diane is our corporation’s Secretary.
  • Ann Marie Holmes is our Project Facilitator.
  • Kathleen Luiten is the Founder of The Seeds Project. A consultant for both businesses and individuals, she has over twenty years of experience as a manager and a volunteer for various nonprofits in the United States. Kathleen is also our spiritual facilitator and offers retreats for spiritual awakening and renewal.

Our Spiritual Services

We offer meditation retreats, training workshops and weekly services for the Seeds community. Our trainings encourage daily practice of loving kindness and compassion, celebrating the creative spirit that informs all life.


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