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All download files are available here including our audio files. To find a specific form, document or audio file, use the Quick Links. Click the Quick Link category to see a list of all those files


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Download the guide and other files below to help you do your bookkeeping. Some forms have both a Word and an Excel format. Use whichever you prefer. Note: This list includes the Quick Link to our donation receipts. Click Donations AFTER you have what you need from this list.


Annual Reporting for Year End requirements

We require a yearly report on your Project’s activity with electronic files of your year’s accounting and also some receipts. You should receive an email with all of the documents needed for your reporting. In case you are missing any of those files, here is the complete list.


Applying to Create a Seed Project

Download and open each of these 5 documents. Three of these documents are examples of successful applications. You need to look at each of the samples to see the kind of information you need to provide for your project to be approved.


Banking: Opening & Maintaining your Seeds Bank Account

To establish your Seeds Project bank account, download B1 and follow the instructions. To make signatory changes to your Seeds Project, download B2.


Donation Receipts for cash, non-cash & vehicles

Donation Receipt documents are listed below for easy record-keeping. Download and keep these files for easy access.


IRS Requirements for Nonprofits

Each project is responsible to follow the current law. Our IRS guidelines document listed below is not a complete guide. Please go to the IRS website for further information on 501(c)3 compliance regulations.


Project FAQs & Project Manual

  • Project FAQs (available after March 2009)
  • Project Manual (available after March 2009)

Registration after your project is approved

The list below provides all of the necessary instructions and paperwork needed to establish your project’s nonprofit status. It will take you some time, and can be done in stages.You need to file your DBA and enclose a copy with your Registration Form.

Samples of DBA Filings


Updating Your Project’s Information

Please let us know when your project's information changes.


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