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Annual Reporting

The Seeds Project works to keep our administrative requirements as simple as possible for you. We handle the complexities of managing a nonprofit corporation for you. Everything we ask for is absolutely necessary. Our deadlines have to be maintained for legal reasons. Please help our volunteers by following the instructions we provide for all of your reporting.

Late or incomplete filing requires a re-activation fee to reinstate your nonprofit status.

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Three Things Due by January 31st

Each year your project must send us the information required to maintain your nonprofit status. BEFORE January 31st send us your project’s

    1. Accounting records (email us your transaction journal, bank statements, reimbursement receipts, and donation receipts over $250)
    2. Annual report (email us your report using the Annual Report Form and Instructions)
    3. Annual fee payment (mail it to The Seeds Project, 2110 S. Bascom Ave., Suite 201, Campbell, CA 95008)

It is Better to File BEFORE January 31st

  • We need to receive everything, completed, by January 31st.
  • Problems with mail delivery or incomplete filing may risk your nonprofit staus
  • It is best to send your 3 items between January 1st and15th. If something is missing there is time to correct it.

If you can't do your filing in January then follow the instructions for Filing Early.

Step One - Email Your Project's Accounting Records


Example:   If your project Is named Earth Legacy and you are filing your 2010 accounting report, you would send the following email subject lines.

  • "Earth Legacy - 2010 Transaction Journal" (with the year's transactions from software or scanned checkbook register or attaching)
      • "Earth Legacy - 2010 Reimbursement Receipts" (with the year's reimbursement receipts attached or a note saying "We had no reimbursements.")
      • "Earth Legacy - 2010 Donation Receipts Over $250" (with receipts for donation over $250 attached or a note saying "We had no donations over $250)
      • "Earth Legacy - 2010 Bank Statements" (with the year's bank statements attached)

Step Two - Email Your Annual Project Report

Step Three - Mail Your Project's Annual Fee

  • Mail can be slow so allow plenty of time for your payment to arrive prior to January 31st.
  • See Annual Fee below if your are not sure how to calculate the fee for the current year.
  • Mail your annual fee to The Seeds Project, 2110 S. Bascom Ave., Suite 201, Campbell, CA 95008.
  • Include a note identifying your project’s name and annual income.

Filing Early

It may be necessary to file before the end of December if you will be unavailable during January.

  • Please do not file before January 1st unless it is unavoidable. We will still need the complete accounting report through December 31st.
  • You could complete and file your Annual Project Report Form and then have someone else complete your project’s accounting report and fee payment if you are unavailable during January.
  • If you must file before December 31st, please download Filing Early if you are gone in December or January and follow those instructions.

Annual Fee

We keep our administrative fees at a minimum, using volunteers for most of our staffing and a virtual office to avoid overhead expenses.

Your project's annual fee is based on the previous year's income. When you file your annual accounting you will show a total income for that year.


A project's fee is 2% of its annual income for the previous year.

Projects with an income of $2,500 or less pay a minimum fee of $50.


Multiply the total annual income in the previous year by 2% (or .02) to determine your project's fee.


  • A project had an income of $3,500 last year. $3,500 x 2% = $75 fee
  • A project had an income of $20,000 last year. $20,000 x 2% = $400 fee.
  • A project had no incomelast year. The minumum fee is $50.

Mail your annual fee to The Seeds Project, 2110 S. Bascom Ave., Suite 201, Campbell, CA 95008.


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