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Project Alerts

Items listed here are news or other important reminders for every project. We offer them as "Alerts" to highlight them for you, in case you have not already noticed them elsewhere on our website or communications to you.


Send us information for an Alternate Contact in case we can't reach you.

Submit your Project Summary and pictures for our website ASAP.

  • We need to show your project onour Current Projects page. You can give us a just a sentence of give us a few paragraphs about your work. We are happy to promote it on our site. Send us pictures you'd like us to use. We'll include whatever we have room to show on the page.
  • Go to Changing your project description and pictures on our website and fill in your information ASAP please!

Annual Reporting is required every January - file EARLY please.

Have you paid for any services this year?


Check back for new alerts every few months.



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